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Ayesha Munir2022-12-13

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With the name Miami, the image that pops up in mind is of white sand beaches lining the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. What if we tell you Miami is much much more than its beaches and ocean? While its beaches are an integral part of the Miami-Life, visits to Miami are much more than lounging on the sand beaches marveling at the tranquil waters of the Biscayne Bay. From experiencing multicultural vibes at Little Havanna & Espanola Way to adventuring at its theme parks, you’ll have so many fun things to do in Miami that you’d be spoiled for choice here! Here’s a list of not-to-be-missed-at-any-cost things to do while you’re on your Miami Tour!


Feel Legit Cuban-Miami Vibes at Little Havana

Cuban-Miami Vibes at Little Havana

(Credit: CNN Travel/ Official Website)

Centered around Calle Ocho (Southwest Eighth Street), Little Havana is a vibrant thoroughfare epitomizing the Cuban Culture. Packed with Latin-inspired restaurants & cafes, fruit carts, cigar shops, coffee windows, music theatres, and art galleries, Little Havana can be your escape to Cuba for the time being. Soak up the magnificent local art and culture as you walk through its vibrant streets featuring local and international artists. Spot the Latinx celebrities & stars on the Walk of Fame commemorating the artists & celebrities with ties to South Florida.

Take a food tour to the Havana Streets, follow the aroma of freshly brewed tea & coffee, and freshly baked pastries with authentic Cuban taste and grab some Cafecito – a thimble-sized cup of Cuban Coffee. If you haven’t tasted the guava pastelito, you really haven’t visited the City of Miami. Your trip would be incomplete without the sights of cigar-making, domino-playing, and salsa-dancing at this Cuban Heart of Miami. A fun way to explore this Little Cuba is to wear Cuban attire, and pay tribute to Cuban art & food in the Cuban way. Pose for pictures along the way, and let your friends know about your escape to Cuba through the Little Havanna! 

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Marvel at the Wynwood Walls

Marvel at the Wynwood Walls

(Credit: Wynwood Walls/ Facebook)

With its graffiti-covered streets stretching miles & beyond, Wynwood Walls is one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world. This iconic street art museum is the fruit of the visionary place maker Tony Goldman’s efforts to transform abandoned warehouse walls into an artistic hub in 2009. The walls & doors of Wynwood reflect the mural craze of the artists manifesting their impeccable artistry. Covering more than 80,000 square feet, Wynwood Walls is more of an outdoor art museum with iconic displays of bright, eclectic street art and whimsical graffiti. Take a guided & fully narrated tour of Wynwood Walls to avoid missing out on history notes of this vicinity. 

Some of the must-visit and must-pose-along murals include those by the Japanese stencil artist Aiko, Eli Sudbrack, and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson. Spend some time at comic-strokes by New York-based Crash, and try to de-code what the artist wants to convey with his bright murals. Outside its gated walls, there’s a lot to explore & experience at the adjoining art galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars. Once you’re done savoring the art manifestations, take a seat at the nearby restaurants to refuel yourself, before you head to your next destination in Miami. 

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Craft Memorable Experiences at Miami South Beach

Miami South Beach

(Credit: Sam Hall/Facebook)

You haven’t really visited Miami if you miss out on the city’s quintessential aura at its Miami South Beach. Miami Beach has a lot more than what you know about it from the movies shot here. The best way to explore it such that no worth-visiting place is missed out is to take a guided tour! With its sugar-white sandy strands, swaying lush green palms, iconic pools & resorts, chilly winds, and neon-trimmed Art Deco architecture, South Beach is a lot of things you’d expect. Begin your exploration of the beach from a sun-soaked sandy stroll into the blue waters of Biscayne Bay.

You might love building sandcastles with your travel partners, and start a sand-burying batter. Got a belief in the powers of nature? Pen down a dream, seal it in a bottle, and send it down the ocean, hoping that one day fate takes the due course to fulfill this dream. Rent a chair & umbrella from the local vendors, and allow yourself to daydream as you delve deeper into the beauty of sand flirting with ocean waves. Apart from its vibrant white sand beaches, South Beach is home to a wide array of tropical resorts and wild clubs awaiting to be explored & enjoyed!

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Admire the Neon-Trimmed Art Deco District

Neon-Trimmed Art Deco District

(Credit: Gustavo Cabezas/Facebook)

With its old-fashioned futuristic design, the Art Deco is the architectural wonder of Miami with the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. Located in Miami South Beach, Art Deco Building should be your next stop to devour its artistic scene of sleek and bright architectural style. As you drive or walk through the Art Deco District, you’ll feel lively with vibrant colored buildings centered on basic geometric shapes with cool pastel colors giving the district a pure deco feel.

A fun way to enjoy the Art Deco is to happen to be here at night! You’d be amazed by the radiant neon-trimming of these buildings giving the district a full-of-night-life feel. As the neon lights take their color turns, you’ll feel a mood uplift with each of these turns. From bars and restaurants to shops & museums, you’d never feel done at Art Deco. Don’t forget to take a stroll along Lincoln Road and pick up some souvenirs from the shops that come along the way! 

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Take Island Queen Cruise

Island Queen Cruise

(Credit: Yosina Titioka Ong / Facebook)

A unique and fun way to explore Miami is to take a sightseeing tour along Biscayne Bay, and see how the city and its coastline looks when viewed from atop a cruise. For this, take the Island Queen Cruise featuring open-air decks, air-conditioned salons, and full-service bars. As the Cruise navigates through the bay, you’ll be awestruck by the views coming along the way – the jaw-dropping downtown Miami skyline, towering cruise ships docked at the ultramodern Port Miami giving you motivation for your next ocean getaway, paradise island communities on the Brickell Key, and celebrity-filled Islands famously known as “Millionaire’s Row” giving real estate goals.

You can also enjoy beverages & light snacks available onboard for purchase as you take in the fresh ocean breeze, and ogle the magnificent views coming your way. Don’t forget to save some poses from the deck to add to your social media feed later!

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Take a Scenic Drive Along MacArthur Causeway

Scenic Drive Along MacArthur Causeway

(Credit: Amazing America/Facebook)

There is no better way to take in the beauty of a city than taking a scenic drive along its famous avenues and causeways! MacArthur Causeway, an engineering masterpiece of Miami, serves as a connection between Downtown Miami and Miami South Beach. As you weave through the Causeway, views across the window will beg you to stop for a moment and take picturesque clicks. The calm & serene view of Biscayne Bay would serve as an instant escape from the hustle & bustle of city life. As you pass by Palm Island, Dodge Island, and Star Island, you may find yourself daydreaming about owning one of the mega-mansions.

As you view the other side, the mesmerizing views of the city’s imposing skyline would take you to another world, convincing you how small your problems are and how beautiful the world is! You will also come across the inspiring views of Port Miami with its family of towering cruises, making you wonder about your next ocean getaway. And if you’re a Bad Boys 2 Fan, get the privilege to locate & visit locations where iconic scenes of the movie were shot! 

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Live it Up at the Everglades


(Credit: Everglades Holiday Park/ Facebook)

While in Miami, South Florida, no visit should go without paying a tribute to Everglades, a natural region of tropical wetlands with slow-moving water giving the region its peculiar geography. One of the best ways to do so is by visiting the Everglades National Park. Spanning over 1.5 million acres of wetlands, take an airboat tour to make unique plants and animals your friends! Your visit to the park would be packed with thrilling sighs of alligators, cranes, turtles, manatees, and panthers that call Miami their home.

A fun way to explore the area is by heading to the high-rated Everglades Safari Park and enjoying the eco-adventure tours including airboat tours, watching interactive alligator shows, feeding the egrets & flamingos, exploring preservation trails & exhibits, getting up close & personal with the wild-life, and taking a tram tour to the Shark Valley climbing up to the Observation Tower viewing platform. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Everglades, and pose for some shots with wetlands in the background.

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Get Some Shopping In at Bayside Marketplace 

Bayside Marketplace

(Credit: Bayside Marketplace/ Official Website)

Collecting souvenirs as reminiscent of your travel experience are a must while in Miami. Head to the famous Bayside Marketplace to shop for yourself, for your travel partners, and for your loved ones back home. Situated right in the heart of downtown Miami, the Bayside Marketplace is a place where you will find everything, be it big brand stores, restaurants with aesthetic interiors, cafes with open-air seating options, or entertainment hubs. You can also choose to have some me-time in high ended salons here. Once you are done with the shopping, you can sit down and get your hands on the wide variety of national and international cuisine in the lavish and fascinating food court here.

Don’t forget to take a ride on the Sky View Observation Wheel a spectacular view of the entire Miami area. Also, don’t miss out on the enthralling fishing sport at the reservoirs located here. You can also get a chance to experience the amazing and exhilarating new way of enjoying a cruise on the water by booking thriller speedboat adventures and boarding a boat with your partner or a special one and take a short yet exciting and interesting trip to different islands while enjoying the Miami skyline view.

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Enjoy a Road-Getaway along Rickenbacker Causeway

Road-Getaway along Rickenbacker Causeway

(Credit: Soc Torres/ Facebook)

Feel like done with the happening night spots and day adventures in Miami? It’s time for a road getaway along the picturesque Rickenbacker Causeway. Stretching across the Virginia Key and Key Biscayne, a drive along the Rickenbacker Causeway would provide uninterrupted widescale views of Biscayne Bay. As you make your way to the top of William H. Powell Bridge’s, you’ll love watching the sailboats pass with Miami’s skylines meeting the blue waters in the backdrop. Stop your car, get off, soak up some tropical vibes, and take some candid shots to serve as memories of your Miami-over-Bridge views.

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Party Hard at the Rakastella


(Credit: Rakastella/ Official Website)

One of the best ways to feel the Miami-vibe is by attending the magical oceanside event at the Rakastella at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. With its collaborative party concept, Rakastella is all set to present an eclectic musical affair teeming with romantic & intimate vibes. You’d be amazed by the innovative idea of environment-friendly art at the tropical-shaded grove along the sea that gives its visitors a once-in-life-time experience. Rub your shoulders with the crowd, as you lose yourself free into a magical music experience.

And if you’re a sunset lover, your visit to Rakastella on a Sunset Pass would be the best investment of time, money & effort ever. Sit back and take it all in – the crimson sunset, beats of eclectic music, sips of fancy cocktails, and sighs of people minding their own business. Don’t forget to check out the Musical Line Up of Rakastella’s stage performance to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorite ones! 


Get Aesthetic at The Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

(Credit: Gold Coast Railroad Museum / Facebook)

Got a flare for vintage rail cars and old railroads? The Gold Coast Railroad Museum should be your next stop in Miami! Dedicated to the preservation, exhibition, and operation of historic equipment, this museum is the national register of 40 historic rail cars. The good news is that you can access some of the rail cars and listen to their tales of time in person. Besides this, you can also explore the model railroad room, Thomas play tables, and other displays of rail equipment.

Relive the World War II memories at the Naval Air Station Richmond exhibit with displays of rich images, detailed maps, and videos. Aesthetically pose along the accessible rail cars, antique passenger coaches, timeless Steam Locomotives, and veteran freight cars. Think about taking a group field trip to delve deeper into the details of South Florida’s rail history. Take Advantage of Free Admission Days to the museum on the first Saturday of every month!


South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park

(Credit: Norsham Garcia/ Facebook)

A beachfront greenspace at South Beach at the island’s tip, South Pointe Park should definitely be on-theme for your Miami Tour. Here, you can witness sweeping views of Miami’s picturesque South Beach Shoreline with Port Miami’s cruise ships, Downtown Miami’s skyline, and Fisher Island in the backdrop. Take a seat under its towering palms on lush green grounds, and enjoy the cool oceanic breeze greeting you in Miami-way. Arrange a barbeque night at the park’s BBQ facilities and make your time immortal with your loved ones.

You can chill out at the park’s mini water playground if you happen to visit it on a warm day. Step up the popular 450-foot Pointe Pier and watch locals & visitors fishing, kayaking, surfing, and jet skiing. You can opt for one if you feel like being adventurous. Don’t forget to strike poses for some candid shots with your travel partners! 

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Taste Authentic Cuban Cuisine at El Pub

El Pub

(Credit: El Pub Restaurant / Facebook)

While in culturally diverse Miami, you’d love to taste and try the tastes of the South. What best way can it be than tasting the authentic Cuban Cuisine at El Pub located in the heart of Little Havana? El Pub is perhaps one of the most popular down-home Cuban kitchens in the city. Take a seat here, order the famous Cuban Coffee, and sip it down along with savoring views of the Cuban-inspired interior. Couple your cup of Cuban Coffee with El-Pub’s famous Empanada - a flaky crust consisting of filling that can be beef, chicken, or vegetarian as you wish it to be!

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Go on Adventure Spree at Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park

(Credit: Bridger Munk/ Facebook)

Wan to experience the adventurous-Miami-feel? Head to the Biscayne National Park where you’ll never be short of to-do-list of your adventure spree. A fun fact about the park is that it is 95% underwater. Stretching over 270 square miles southeast of Miami, the park serves as a sanctuary for marine species that call Miami their home. What’s more? The park remains home to the only living coral barrier reef, not only in Florida but in the entire United States.

The park also includes several islands, each island having its own set of unique & fun things to do. Among these, don’t miss out on Boca Chita Key, the park’s most visited island that is home to an ancient holiday home built back in 1930. Ascend its Boca Chita lighthouse – one of Miami’s best-kept secrets – and let the chilly winds add frizz to your hair! 

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Enjoy Laser Evening at Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum 

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

(Credit: Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science/Facebook)

Your trip to Miami shouldn’t go without paying a tribute to the rich cultures that have added their colors to Miami over centuries. One best way to do so is by visiting the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, a premier on-campus museum supervised by Florida International University. Stretching across 250,000 square feet, the museum’s Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium, and the North and West Wings are all must-visit.

You’ll also come across the opportunity to explore the 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream aquarium teeming with a wide variety of sea creatures. The Laser Evenings under the Frost Planetarium’s 67-foot dome with modern & folk music fusions are also hard to miss. With the changing frequency of laser-lights with music beats, you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach! 


Take in the Sights on Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

(Credit: Terry St Angelo/Facebook)

Full of light, life, and color, Ocean Drive is perhaps where Miami’s heart beats the loudest! So, it should be no-miss-at-any-cost in your Miami to-do list. Famous for its sweeping beach views, cafe-style dining, and pastel-hued Art Deco, Ocean Drive has something for everyone. Craving for a cup of coffee in solitude in the mornings? Take a seat at a café, feast yourself with coffee in Miami-style and do some people-watching.

Eyeing a lively evening? Spill out to its oceanfront streets, greet the people you meet, stop by the shops coming your way, and enjoy dinner in its peculiar cafe-style dining. Want to feel lively with the city’s lights at night? Take a leisurely stroll through Ocean Drive Street, head to the Art Deco, and feel full of life with the neon trimmings of deco buildings here!


Watch an Intense Chess Game at Domino Park

Chess Game at Domino Park

(Credit: Juan Caballero/Facebook)

If you haven’t witnessed an intense chess or domino game at Miami’s Domino Park, you haven’t felt Miami’s Latin spirit! Located in historic Calle Ocho, Domino Park is locals’ favorite social spot where they can gather, chit-chat, play together, and sip Cuban Coffee with competitive banter – altogether filling the park with authentic Latin energy. Players don’t mind an audience at all and like the idea of audiences supporting their favorite players.

Stop by players pondering their next chess move, spot your favorite pick among the players, and cheer for them. Head to the famous Azucar Ice Cream Company and feast yourself with its artisanal gourmet ice creams and sorbets. Don’t miss out on posing beside the painted mural that serves as the park’s iconic backdrop. 


Chill Out at Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove

(Credit: Samuel Balavoine/Facebook)

Also known as ‘Little Bahamas’ owing to the presence of one of Miami’s historic Black communities, Coconut Grove has a lot for you to see & do. With its peculiar tropical vibe and bohemian charm, Coconut Grove is Miami’s oldest neighborhood. With its eclectic waterfront enclave, shady banyan trees, and towering oaks, the place has an enticing mix of shops, boutiques, and cafes – that together make it a perfect destination for a day out. Get some fresh picks from the farmer’s markets, gaze at its marvelous art galleries, and pay homage to the historic Black churches. You may be amazed to meet some random peacocks taking a stroll in the area.


Take Unique Eco-Adventures at Crandon Park

Eco-Adventures at Crandon Park

(Credit: Adrian Sanchez/Facebook)

While at Key Biscayne in Miami, don’t forget to explore the hidden outdoor gem of Crandon Park. Once part of the country’s largest coconut plantation, the park is known for its incredible beach beauty, thrilling gold course, vibrant tennis court, and engaging nature center & marina. Begin your eco-adventure with Crandon Park beach where you can scout for wildlife in sand dunes, kayak, paddleboard, and kiteboard.

Don’t want to tire yourself with long walks? Rent a single or quad bike to explore the park grounds. Want to show your golf spirit? Consider playing golf at Crandon Golf. Alternatively, you can show your sports spirit at the Crandon Tennis Center. After that, consider taking a nature lesson at Crandon Nature Center with hands-on learning!


Soak Up Art & Culture at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

(Credit: Karen Salvador Aranda/Facebook)

If you’re keenly interested in the historical roots of places you visit, Vizcaya Museum should be your next destination to visit in Miami. Here, you step into a time capsule and travel back to the times when the first settlers arrived in the region to what it is today. Starting a journey back from 1914, the museum allows you to explore everything related to early settlers – from images of mythical voyager “Bel Vizcaya” to the construction secrets of this architectural wonder from the 20th Century.

The museum building is actually James Deering’s vision of a renaissance-inspired estate that serves as an epitome of European extravagance in an enchanting American context. Once you’re done with in-house exploration, the outdoor gardens resembling France’s Versailles would beg you to stop and pose for some candid shots amid thick columns, trimmed shrubs, lush mazes, affluent fountains, rare orchids, and classical statues.


Bop around Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

(Credit: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden/Facebook)

Boasting itself as United States’ no. 1 botanical garden, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden can be your perfect escape from the crowds & hustle of city life. Grab the visitor map and information booklets at the entry point, and hop on to your self-guided tour of the garden. Begin with the Allée and Overlook where you can take in the beauty of the garden’s Lowlands and lakes. From here, head on to the Water Gardens and Aquatic Exhibits to 11 lakes and 7 pools at iconic locations in the park.

Continue to the Arboretum and Geiger Tropical Flower Garden where the sight & scent of tropical flowering trees, shrubs, and vines would give you a heaven-like feel. From here, move on to the Arid and Succulent Collections to know how to nourish succulents. Further, explore the Butterfly Garden, Gate House Museum, and Isabel Foster Fern Glade to appease your love for plants. Don’t forget to click some photographs at the majestically beautiful Whitman Pavilion!


Feel Like European Villager on Espanola Way

Espanola Way

(Credit: Espanola Way/ Facebook)

Want to experience pristine European Village Vibes while being in Miami? Try Espanola Way! With its Pink stucco buildings, quirky shops, striped awnings, upscale galleries, wrought iron balconies, cobblestone streets, and tall palm trees – the Espanola Way remains largely preserved even today. Untouched by modern trends and fads, Espanola Way is all set to take you back in time. What you’ll come across during your stroll on Espanola Way largely depends on the day you choose to visit this place. Mondays can be a treat for you if you’re a vegetarian as Mondays are meatless-menu-day here.

Tuesdays are filled with arts and crafts bazaars where you can shop authentic South Floridan handmade crafts, clothing, and jewelry. Wednesdays are host days for free opera performances at Hosteria Romana. Fridays are reserved for Flamenco Fridays at Tapasy Tintos. Saturday nights host Samba dancing sprees in the street and Sundays are reserved for Sunday Market – a fun street fair. So choose a visit day that suits your preferences well! 


Get Miami-Night-Experience at NightGarden

Miami-Night-Experience at NightGarden

(Credit: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden/Facebook)

A night out at the NightGarden will change your view of Miami’s nightlife altogether! As you stroll through the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden at night, you’ll feel like you’ve landed in an enchanted magical fairyland. As you come across technicolor flowers and unique sculptures, you’d be amazed by the artistry with which these lights have been instilled. Don’t forget to install the FairyScope™ app before you step in. The app allows you to fully immerse yourself in an augmented-reality experience at the park. Apart from taking in the beauty of this light extravaganza, you can have a fun time interacting with the ‘talking wise old tree’ and participating in fairy quests. Grab Miami’s popular foods and drinks from the food trucks as you live it up at this illuminated wonderland. 


Shop and Hang Around on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road

(Credit: Richard Orlinski/Facebook)

Another way to get the real-deal Miami-feel is by enjoying a psychedelic holiday spectacle at the famous Lincoln Road and shopping for some mementos here. Heralded as one of the most unique shopping districts in the region, Lincoln Road is known for its destination retail stores characterized by picturesque architecture and world-class culture. Stroll around this 8-block-long pedestrian-only street lined with shops and restaurants on both sides.

Apart from shopping outlets, the place is known for its restaurants with stunning rooftop views. Take a seat at one of the rooftop restaurants, and feast with the tastiest cuisine in the town with sweeping views of the city. Prefer collecting souvenirs from local vendors to shopping at mega-brand outlets? Consider visiting Sunday’s Farmer Market here and you’ll find it difficult to choose what to buy from a wide variety of local vendors’ stalls.


Feel Tropical at the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

(Credit: Misty Kenter/Facebook)

Located at the southern tip of Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs Park should be your next stop for an adventurous excursion in Miami. The Cape Florida Lighthouse would attract your attention from afar. Walk through the tree-lined trails, and climb up the lighthouse for one-of-a-kind Miami views. Atop its wraparound balcony, you would feel light & free with the cool Miami breeze kissing your face.

Avail yourself of the gorgeous photo opportunities here! Head to Cape Florida Beach to soak up and tan yourself. Once you’re done soaking in the beauty at the lighthouse, rent a bike from the nearby bicycle rental area and embark on a smooth bike ride on the park’s 1.5-mile trail. Don’t miss out on the ‘No Name Harbor’ for once-in-lifetime sunset views. 


Feel High on Skyview Miami Wheel

Skyview Miami Wheel

(Credit: Skyviews Miami/ Official Website)

There is no better way to feel high in Miami than riding the 176-feet tall Skyview Miami Observation Wheel! Famous for its 42 climate-controlled Gondolas, Skyview Wheel is a fun way to gaze upon the beauty of Miami. As you take your 15-20 minutes ride in one of its Gondolas, you’d be treated to unparalleled panoramic views of the Biscayne Bay, Bayfront Park, and the iconic Downtown Miami skyline from atop. Want a deluxe wheel ride experience? Consider taking a ride in VIP Gondola featuring leather bucket seats, a custom LED light show, and a glass bottom floor.


Enjoy a Zoocation at Zoo Miami

Zoocation at Zoo Miami

(Credit: Zoo Miami/ Official Website)

No visit to a city should go without making new friends at its Zoos! While in Miami, your visit is incomplete without meeting and making new animal friends at Zoo Miami. Boasting itself as the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida, Zoo Miami is home to 500 different animals & plant species. Here, you can rent a safari cycle or take a tram ride to see it all without tiring yourself. Stop by the animals that come your way, interact with them, and have fun trying to feed them with their favorite food. Linger over the Conservation Action Center, watch the birds chirping in the Wings of Asia Aviary, and watch animal shows at the Critter Connection. Take a unique gateway to Everglades at the ‘Florida: Mission Everglades’ and interact with animals that call Florida their home in their natural habitats. Don’t miss out on the Zoo Lights on select nights if you happen to be here during the holiday season!

With these wide-ranging fun & unique things to do, your stay in Miami is destined to be a memorable one! Here, you’d never feel short of dining, entertainment, shopping, nightlife, and nature-friendly outing options. Accompanied by kids & family? Check out this list of top things to do in Miami to make sure you don’t miss out on Miami’s top favorites for kids!