Things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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Think of sightseeing at Falls only when it comes to Niagara Falls tours? Nah! Niagara Falls is much more than the Falls it’s known for! While you’re here, you’ll find an unending list of things-to-do and place-to-explore that are worth your time, energy, and money. From natural getaways at its botanical gardens to adrenaline-filled adventures at its themed parks, and from sightseeing at its majestic Falls to drives along its ever-so-scenic Niagara Parkway – the city won’t disappoint you whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast. Not sure where to start your adventure from? Thankfully, we have done all the research work for you! In this piece, we have rounded up the 19 best things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Hornblower Niagara City Cruise

Hornblower Niagara Falls Cruise

The first and foremost thing to do in Niagara Falls is to hop on a Hornblower Niagara Cruise and feel some authentic Ontario vibes. Sail around the Niagara Gorge and take in the beauty of this magnificent canyon.

See, hear and feel the power of the Falls up close at each of the three Falls - the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Enjoy the quintessential mist welcoming you to Niagara Falls – the geological wonder of Canada!

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Get Some Splash at Journey Behind the Falls

Guest at Journey behind the falls

Your tour of Niagara Falls is incomplete without experiencing the thunder and vibration at Journey Behind the Falls. Take a journey through its 150 feet bedrock to the tunnels. Navigate the fascinating 130-year-old cave-like tunnels and feel awestruck by the magnificence of these storied tunnels. Don the iconic yellow poncho and brace yourself for a not-so-easy-to-forget lifetime experience.

Avail the opportunity to get as close to the Horseshoe Falls as possible at one of the two observation decks. Let water thunders traveling 65 kilometers per hour from the brink of the Horseshoe Falls kiss your face.


Travel Back in Time at Niagara's Fury


(Credit: johnygq / Instagram)

Travel back 10,000 years and discover the story of Niagara Falls at the one-of-its-kind Niagara’s Fury. Put on the black Niagara’s Fury shirts (optional) and get ready to test your mettle in this multi-sensory simulation of the last Ice Age.

Temperature as low as 20 degrees, mist & snow falling from up, flashing lights, tilting & trembling floor, and incredibly stunning visual displays will make you feel like you are part of the historic times when Niagara’s Great Gorge was formed!


Enjoy the Cityscape from Skylon Tower

Skylon Tower

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness sweeping views of Niagara Falls from atop the Skylon Tower. Ride its iconic yellow bug glass elevator and climb up this 160m tower. Hop off the elevator and step into the Observation Deck. Take in the beauty of the cityscape down there.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the city skyline. Take a seat at Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room and treat yourself with some of the yummiest cuisines in the town. Don’t forget to shop for mementos at its gift shops & souvenir photo ops!

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Hop on the Whirlpool Aero Car

Whirlpool Aero Car

(Credit: Javier García De Sola Arriaga / Facebook)

Another no-miss-at-any-cost thing to do in Niagara Falls is to hop on the Whirlpool Aero Car and enjoy the magnificence of the teal-colored waters of the Niagara River below. As you take your 1 km trip around the Niagara Gorge aboard this Whirlpool Aero Car, you’d be amazed by the views of swirling Niagara Whirlpool and the river’s Class 6 rapids.

Fun Fact: though the Aerocar operates on the Canadian side of the river, it will escort you to the Unites State four times during your ride, and guess what? That too without a passport!


Helicopter Ride Over the Falls 


Aboard a helicopter, and see it all in Niagara Falls with a bird’s eye. And we promise, this will be an unforgettable lifetime experience for you! Hire the services of top-notch helicopter tour providers, soar high in the sky, and witness the magical beauty of the Gorge and the surrounding area from a new perspective.

Not sure which service provider to hire? Check out our award-winning helicopter tour package covering nearly all the iconic places in Niagara Falls!

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Feel Heavenly at the Butterfly Conservatory

Butterfly Conservatory

One unique thing to do in Niagara Falls is to visit the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory - one of the largest glass-enclosed butterfly conservatories in North America. Featuring over 2,000 vibrantly colored tropical butterflies, this conservatory has it all to make your day heavenly. The 180 meters of meandering pathways adorned with lush green vegetation and trickling waterfalls would give a glimpse of a rainforest setting.

As you would step into the conservatory, you’d be warmly welcomed by frolic butterflies fluttering freely here & there. Stand still for a while & hold your breath to let some of the butterflies land on you and greet you in their way. Don’t forget to check out the pupae at the Emergence Window preparing to take their first flight!

Control a Light Show at Illumination Tower

illumination Tower

Yet another unique & fun thing to do in Niagara Falls is to step into the shoes of a lighting operator at the Illumination Tower. Yes! You heard it right! At the Illumination Tower, you can avail yourself the opportunity to illuminate the Falls with your favorite colors and watch their display in real-time as they light up the Falls’ sky. What’s more? You enjoy complete freedom to choose any blend of colors: colors that represent your favorite charity, your home country, your favorite sports team, your lucky colors, or just a random selection of colors. 

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Go on Adventure Spree at Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill Niagara Falls

A fun way to explore Niagara Falls is to pay a visit to Clifton Hill – the Street of Fun. With its exciting array of attractions, restaurants, and entertainment, this Street of Fun has everything to make your day adrenaline-filled. You’ll find plenty of fun shops, wax museums, mini-golf courses, exciting souvenir fashion & retail outlets, creamy fudge shops, burger kiosks, and themed restaurants to have fun at.

Don’t forget to hop on the 175-feet high Niagara Skywheel and take in sweeping views of the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, the Niagara River, and other iconic landmarks of the city.


Take a Scenic Drive along Niagara Parkway

Scenic drive along Niagara park way

(Credit: lifeinthelake / Instagram)

One of the best ways to absorb the quintessential Niagara vibes is to take a scenic drive along the Niagara Parkway – a scenic road running parallel to the Niagara River from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Hop on your favorite car, volume up your favorite music, crawl through the road at slow speeds, and take in the ever-so-scenic views coming along the way.

On your way, you’ll pass through the Old Fort Erie, Queen Victoria Park, the International Railway Bridge, the Black Creek, Willoughby Historical Museum, and King's Bridge Park. Don’t miss out on the killer backgrounds for pictures that come your way. Take time to take stops, hop off the car, breathe in some local air, and take panoramic shots!


Feel Enchanted at the Winter Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

If you happen to visit Niagara Falls somewhere between November & February, the Winter Festival of Lights should definitely be on theme. As Canada’s largest free outdoor light festival, it is an 8-kilometer route choke-full of spectacular displays with 3 million lights that transform the Niagara Parkway & Dufferin Islands into a twinkling winter wonderland.

The best way to enjoy this light festival close & personal is by foot, though you can also enjoy it from a car window. You can also find plenty of free family entertainment options here!

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Test Your Mettle at WildPlay Zipline


(Credit: mrstracyshaw / Instagram)

You haven’t really visited Niagara Falls if you haven’t sought the thrill at the WildPlay Zipline – a breathtaking ride into the Gorge. Whether you’re 7 or 97, you can experience this magic tailored for all ages, and for both thrill-seekers and the hesitant. To ensure an optimal zipline experience, you would be given a training session on the ground. Once you’re done with this training, climb up the ladder and make your way across the tightropes.

Climb up the cargo nets, slide down the ziplines, fly through air with the help of rope swings, jump over the swinging logs, and try to maintain your balance on the wobbly bridges. As you will glide down 670 meters, you will pass through the American Falls and reach the Observation Deck at the base of the Horseshoe Falls.


Experience Old-World-Charm at Niagara on the Lake  ;

Niagara on the Lake

A vacation in Niagara Falls isn’t complete without at least one full day spent on Niagara on the Lake. The moment you step into this town located on Niagara Peninsula where Niagara River embraces Lake Ontario, you’d feel what the locals call the “Niagara-on-the-Lake Effect”. Stroll its calm & tranquil streets covered with towering trees. Explore the Heritage District here, shop at the exclusive boutique shops, hunt for your favorite hat at Beau Chapeau, and buy promising souvenirs like no other place.

Pose along the cast-iron planters bursting with vibrant colored flowers. Ride the horse-drawn carriages and feel elite. Don’t forget to take in some countryside time around the Escarpment choked full of beautiful vineyards.

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Explore the Niagara Parks Power Station

Currents Night Show

Your next stop in Niagara Falls should be the Niagara Parks Power Station – a 115-year-old engineering marvel. Explore the first-ever major power plant implanted on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. Get up & close to the immersive exhibits, restored artifacts, and interactive storytellers.

Discover an entirely new underground tunnel experience at the 2,200-foot-long ancient tunnel taking you to the observation deck at the Niagara River’s edge. Feel scientific at the Currents featuring an incredible 3D projection of the transformation of the shift of water to electricity with a light & sound show.

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Live Your Dream to Fly at Niagara Freefall

Free Fall

(Credit: timbolen / Instagram)

Complement your Niagara Falls tour with an indoor skydiving experience at the Niagara Freefall, especially if you’re accompanied by your little peeps. Defy gravity at its vertical wind tunnel and fly like an astronaut in zero-G zone at speeds of 120 mph. Play the paintless paintball game at The Lazerball playfield dotted with bunkers to hide.

Feel exhilarated with the mechanical bull ride. Climb up the 32-feet rock wall. Turn your game on at the interactive Games Centre. All in all, a day at Niagara Freefall will definitely be an exciting and adventurous one!


Commune with Nature at Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

(Credit: famfahall / Instagram)

A nature getaway should also be on your radar to regain energy to further explore the magic city of Niagara Falls. For this rejuvenating therapy, head to the Niagara Parks' Botanical Gardens. Located on the Niagara Parkway, this 40-hectare garden is adorned with award-winning landscapes and themed gardens. Take a walk along its peaceful walking trails. Ogle the beauty of vibrant-colored seasonal flowers.

Head to the arboretum dotted with Canada’s finest tree collections. Take a seat and unload yourself for a while. Feel heavenly at its aromatic herb garden. Explore the Rose Garden – one of North America’s largest Victorian rose gardens – featuring over 2,400 roses. Also, don’t miss out on the Butterfly Conservatory featuring more than 2,000 vibrant colored tropical butterflies!


Take in the Beauty of White Water Walk 

Your next water getaway in Niagara Falls should be the White Water Walk – a picturesque boardwalk parallel to the majestic rapids of the Niagara River. Take the 70-meter elevator descending down into the Gorge. Marvel at the beauty & power of Niagara River’s Class 6 whitewater rapids. Feel calm & tranquil with the roar of the river.

Please note that this a seasonal attraction, open from April to mid-November only.


Test Your Mettle at the Nightmares Fear Factory

Fear Factory

(Credit: samayzing / Facebook)

Got a flare for horror-themed fun? The Nightmares Fear Factory – a psychological haunted house attraction – has it all to make you feel haunted for the time being. Built in an old coffin factory, the Fear Factory boasts to have chickened out more than 175,000 visitors.

As you enter the dark house, get ready for loud buzzer sounds, live actors in costumes to grab, push and pull you, traditional audio scares adding to the scene, and possible claustrophobia resulting from a shaky drawbridge.

ProTip: You can take the Chicken exit or use the safe word "nightmares" if you find it too scary to handle!


Visit the Old Scow

Old Scow Niagara

Your tour of Niagara Falls should not go without visiting the iconic Old Scow – a unique artifact of Niagara Falls's history. Standing as a manifest of the bravery of Gustave F. Lofberg and James H. Harris (who were brought perilously close to plunging over the Horseshoe Falls, but were successfully rescued), Old Scow serves as an epitome of resilience. Here, the remains of the wreck would surely give you a life lesson on how to hold tight to hope in miserable conditions!

. . . and this never-ending list of things to do in Niagara Fallsn Ontario, Canada continues. Putting it all together, your visit to Niagara Falls is definitely going to be an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Here, the things-to-do and place-to-explore can take many forms – from communing with nature to going adventurous, and from history lessons at its historic places to a bird’s eye view of the Falls aboard a helicopter. All in all, the city is an essential destination for any nature lover and/or adventure seeker! Scared of being spoiled for choice? Check out our guided tours to Niagara Falls that cover it all for you!

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