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Craving for an unspoiled island that offers an irresistible combination of rolling farmlands, wildly eroded red cliffs, tall white lighthouses, fascinating golden dunes, one-of-its-kind signing sands, picturesque villages, scenic driveways, shining lakes, delectable food, fascinating history? Prince Edward Island has it all to provide an altogether different type of Canadian adventure! Though the island is famous as the home of Anne of Green Gables, it has a lot more than that to do, explore, and experience.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on the iconic places and experiences while spending your days in Prince Edward Island, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 26 fun and unique things to do that should top your PEI tour agenda!


Experience the World of Anne at Green Gables

Anne at Green Gables

(Credit: Green Gables Heritage Place / Facebook)

The best way to begin your exploration of the Island is by experiencing the world of Anne – one of Canada’s most loved fictional characters – at the Green Gables Heritage Place. Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables is one of the classic children's novels. The novel uses Prince Edward Island as its plot where the orphan lead character, Anne, makes her way through the adversities of life.

Take a stroll through this green-roofed farmhouse and its mesmerizing gardens & woodland paths. Reminisce the details of the novel, and draw life lessons for yourself from the resilient character of Anne. The best way to experience the world of Anne is to give this novel a read and try to spot the little details. Ain’t got time for that? No problem. Join our guided tour to listen to it from our local guide along the way!

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Explore the Prince Edward Island National Park 

Your next stop in PIE should be the Prince Edward Island National Park near the Green Gables Shore. You’ll have so much to do and experience here. Take leisurely walks along its extensive trails, bop around its meticulously carved boardwalks, cycle its paved multi-purpose trails, take in the spectacular vistas, birdwatch a wide variety of bird species, and appreciate the diverse wildlife here.

Don’t forget to explore the renowned beach of PIE National Park which offers a unique landscape with beautiful sand dunes and nesting areas for endangered species. Catch the golden hour here and you’ll be awestruck by the crimson skyline reflecting in the clear waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


Witness the Geographic Wonder of Cavendish Cliffs

Cavendish Cliffs

(Credit: sanketbaxi35 / Instagram)

Another unique place that awaits to be explored at PEI National Park is the – PEI’s famous cliffs that draw their signature color from the high iron Cavendish Cliffs concentration in the rock content. Marvel at the signature views of rugged, red sandstone cliffs. Admire the shades of red gradually blending together in layers of rock formation. Head to the beach to spend some quality beach time amidst the rusty red cliff background. Try to imagine the Anne of Green Gable’s scenes here as imagined and penned down by L.M. Montgomery in her best-seller novel – or listen to these from our local guides.

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Take a History Lesson at the Confederation Centre of the Arts

There’s no best way to explore the ‘Birthplace of Confederation’ than taking a history lesson at the Confederation Centre of the Arts - Canada's National Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation. Dedicated to the celebration of the origins and evolution of Canada, this center is the epitome of Canadian visual and performing arts. Its imposing architecture and large sandstone cubes will give you an impression of sobriety.

As you enter the center, you’d be taken away by the performing arts, visual arts, and interactive learning experiences. Don’t miss out on the musical theatre festival (if it happens to be live during your visit).


Peek Inside the Preserve Co

Sneak peek into the Preserve Co – Canada’s company that is all about food, flowers, and friends. Located in the scenic village of New Glasgow, the company offers a delectable range of fresh salads, blended full-leaf tea, homemade ice cream & desserts, and spice blends. See and hear how Canada’s finest preserves are prepared & packed here. Smell and taste the company’s great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners made from the Canadian harvest along with a beautiful riverside view.

Hunt for one-of-its-kind souvenirs at the company’s gift shop. Attend live performances at the company’s River Theatre (during summers only). Don’t forget to check out the Garden of Hope next door – a 12-acre garden sanctuary meant to be a place of rest, hope, and renewed spirit!

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Take-It-All-In Along the Confederation Trail

There is no better way to explore and experience the beauty of PEI than taking a stroll through its Confederation Trial built on abandoned railway beds. Running tip-to-tip across the Island, this trail is a fun way to explore the island – whether on foot or by bicycle. As you embark on this trail, you’d be amazed by the beautiful rolling hill scenery. As you unroll though this rolled stone dust trail, you’d be taken away by the beauty of quaint villages and broad bay seascapes that would come your way.

Fittingly, the wetlands, hardwood groves, and sparkling rivers would offer vistas the nature-lover in you is craving for! Don’t forget to make stops, absorb the natural beauty in greater detail, and collect some stuff for your social media reels and streaks!


Take a Drive Through Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge

(Credit: sara_brehaut_photography / Instagram)

Another unique way to explore the PEI is to treat yourself to a psychedelic spectacle at the Confederation Bridge – a world engineering feat extending over the Northumberland Strait. This box girder bridge connecting Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick has everything to make your drive a memorable one. As you ascend this bridge, the ocean breeze would greet you and refresh you to the inner core.

As your vehicle unrolls, you’ll come across many iconic places like Cape Traverse, Seacow Head Lighthouse, Borden-Carlton Historical Park, and others. At its highest point, nearly 60 meters above sea level, you’d be amazed by the picturesque view of large sea vessels navigating the treacherous waters. Count yourself lucky if you catch a sunset here – as sunset views here are one of a kind.

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Hang Around at Victoria Row

Victoria Row

(Credit: the_wave_walker / Instagram)

Your visit to PEI is simply incomplete without a visit to Victoria Row – a vibrant pedestrian street offering an authentic PEI vibe. Its 8th-century brick architecture reflecting the Victorian Era is what makes this row special. As you stroll through its tree-lined street, you’ll spot many fashion boutiques, art galleries, ambient restaurants, live music places, fresh bakeries, and out-door cafes. Have a seat at one of its open-air seating arrangements and treat yourself to the yummiest cuisine in the town. Enjoy live music performances and set the inner star in you free for a while.


Listen to the Singing Sands at Basin Head Provincial Park

Your next stop in PEI should be the iconic Basin Head Provincial Park, and here we explain why! World-renowned for its 9-mile patch of magnificent white sand, the park overlooks the Northumberland Strait. The ‘Singing Sands’ of the park are a major lure for tourists, as its Basin Head Beach is covered with geologically unique white sand that actually sings when you step onto it.

Another major draw is ‘the run’, a boardwalk bridge dividing the park into sections. Listen to the singing sands here along with the background music of the surfs & shore birds. Head to the Provincial Day Park across the boardwalk, take a seat at a gazebo, and watch people engaging in different activities. Explore the Basin Head Fisheries Museum and listen to the tales of inshore fishery, lighthouses, fog stations, and shipwrecks expressed in the unique language of artifacts, exhibits, displays, and dioramas.

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Experience 18th-Century Vibes at Charlottetown’s Historic District

Want to experience the quintessential 18th-Century-PEI vibes? The Charlottetown’s Historic District at Great Gorge Street should be your next stop. Originally a six-blocks-long wide street, this historic district extends from the waterfront to Great George Street. Take a stroll through this district and take in the beauty of its richly evocative 18th-century origins.

Spot the historic locations where the Fathers of Confederation convened the Charlottetown Conference back in 1864. Taste some authentic PEI cuisine at the restaurants. Buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones at the quaint shops that come along the way.

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Explore the Picturesque Points East Coastal Drive

Lighthouses are a perfect idea to experience the maritime winds of PEI. To experience this, head to the Points East Coastal Drive – a 475 km path tucked with beautiful coastlines, jaw-dropping red cliffs, unique harbors, magnificent white sand beaches, unique red sand beaches, vast farmlands, and artistic culinary. Locate and cycle/hike its trails. Spot the local artisan shops and buy mementos. Step into a time capsule at the Orwell Corner Historic Village or Roma at Three Rivers National Historic Site.

Stop by the Point Prim Lighthouse – the oldest lighthouse on the island. Go on a fishing spree at the fishing village of Murray Harbor. Take a walk along the Montague Waterfront and take in the beauty of the sea meeting the sky. Don’t miss out on a golf spree at the Brudenell, Crowbush Cove, or Dundarave golf courses if you’re a golf enthusiast!


Chill Out at North Cape

North Cape

(Credit: moptoptrev / Instagram)

Your PEI trip is incomplete without at least one day spent at the North Cape – dubbed as Canada’s Oyster Coast. You’ll never be short of things to do here. Take in the beauty of its rusty red cliffs wildly eroded and magnificently painted against ocean vistas. Explore the Black Marsh Nature Trail, a 5.5 km trail weaving through a wind-blown forest. Learn about different styles of windmills at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan).

Visit the North Cape Wind Energy Interpretive Centre to further deepen your knowledge about wind energy through the center’s state-of-the-art displays and aquarium. Pose for a selfie at the giant 14-foot potato at the Canadian Potato Museum. Sleep in the North Cape Lighthouse, gaze upon the stars and catch the mesmerizing sunrise.

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Explore Shipbuilding Heritage at Summerside

A visit to an Island should not go without paying a tribute to its shipbuilding heritage. So is the case with your PEI trip! Head to the Summerside, the city by the sea, and ogle at its proud displays of shipbuilding heritage at the century homes, interactive museums, historic monuments, and giant murals. Apart from this, you’ll have so much more to explore and experience here. Enjoy a live performance at the Harbourfront Theatre.

Explore the craft pours at Eptek Art & Culture Centre. Attend a concert at the College of Piping. Appreciate the Edwardian beauty and authenticity at the Wyatt Historic House Museum. Shop & dine at Spinnakers Landing – the epicenter of shopping, dining, and live entertainment.... and so much more!


Explore Authentic Island Experiences at Victoria-by-the-Sea


(Credit: mazenobeid / Instagram)

Tucked halfway between Charlottetown and Summerside, Victoria-by-the-Sea is a picturesque village has it all to offer you an authentic island experience. Bop around its historic tree-lined streets and discover what comes your way. Stop by the Palmers Range Light, pay a visit to the Victoria Seaport Museum, and get up close & personal with the Keepers of the Light exhibit.

Head to the Victoria Playhouse, and enjoy some classic plays, comedies, and concerts. Appreciate the vibrant colored pottery displays at the Mike Stanley Pottery. Go on a clam-digging spree at the beach. Enjoy a kayak or paddleboarding excursion in Victoria’s warm waters. All in all, you’d have a thrilling and adventure-filled day here!

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Stand in Awe of The Bottle Houses

Another fun way to spend time in PEI is to explore the three Bottles Houses: a six-gabled house, a tavern, and a chapel. Constructed using 25,000 multicolored glass bottles, these bottle houses are a feast for creativity lovers. You’d be amazed by the symmetry, patterns, and arrangement of glass bottles tucked into the cement & concrete.

Take a stroll through the surrounding lush green gardens adorned with vibrant colored flowers, shady trees, and a pond with floating water lilies. Don’t forget to check out the wood carving of a woman’s face implanted in the garden.


Soak Up Rustic Vibes at Orwell Corner Historic Village

Love to add some rustic touch to your PEI trip? If yes, head to the Orwell Corner Historic Village – a picturesque village located 28km east of Charlottetown. Feel enchanted by the charm of a small village of the 1890s. Treat yourself to some organic flavors here. Explore the array of period buildings that encompass a working blacksmith shop, old schoolhouses, tearooms, mills, a community hall, and a quaint village store.

Explore each of these in greater detail. Take a tour of the agricultural museum. Have fun with the animals around. Don’t miss out on the Children’s Programming part if you’re accompanied by your little peeps.

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Check out the Cows Creamery

Ice cream

(Credit: cowsicecream / Instagram)

Are you an ice-cream lover? Cows Creamery would definitely a paradise for you in PEI. While in PEI, don’t let go of the opportunity to check out the Cows Creamery – Canada’s Best ice cream maker (ranked by Reader’s Digest).

Take a free and delicious ice cream, T-shirt, and cheese factory tour. Get insights on how Canada’s favorite ice cream, t-shirts, and cheese are made with love and all-natural ingredients. Try out your favorite-flavor scoops of ice cream and shop for Cows’ famous whimsical T-Shirts.


Splurge on a King’s Castle Provincial Park Tour

One fun way to spend time at PEI is by visiting the magical King’s Castle Provincial Park – a wonderful family area dotted with storybook characters in statue form. This park must be on-theme if you’re accompanied by your kiddies. Its unique play equipment will be your little peeps’ favorites. Have a barbeque at its designated grills.

Take a seat at its open green space and take in the beauty of the riverfront beach along the Murray River. Take a forest walk, spot the fairytale statues, and pose for clicks beside your favorite character statues. All in all, a day at King’s Castle Provincial Park would be a family-day-well-spent!


Know All about Potatoes at the Canadian Potato Museum

Canadian Potato Museum

(Credit: Canadian Potato Museum / Facebook)

Potatoes are everyone’s favorite, right? Visit the Canadian Potato Museum and celebrate all things that are “potato”. Explore this fun museum located in O’Leary and know-it-all about potatoes from the world’s largest exhibit of potato-related farm machinery, agricultural artifacts, and community exhibits.

Peek inside its potato country kitchen where everything is cooked with potatoes – even the fudge! Get amazed by the transformation of potato farming techniques over time. Don’t forget to pose for some clicks beside the world’s largest potato sculpture implanted at the museum’s entrance.

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Get Folksy at North Rustico

North Rustico

(Credit: arbee_bee / Instagram)

Your PEI tour shouldn’t go without a visit to North Rustico – a quaint fishing village offering plenty of delightful experiences. Dubbed as “the Crick”, this village takes pride in its centuries-old fishing tradition – but this ain’t the only reason to visit this village. You’ll know this once you’re here. The views of fishers docking their boats after a long-tiring day would reminisce like a movie shot. The boardwalks here will introduce you to an entirely new island experience.

Food made with fresh seafood would taste like none other. Collections at Island artisan shops would spoil you for choice on what to buy and what to leave. Strolls through its pristine sandy beaches would help you commune with nature. Explore the lighthouses at its beaches. Altogether, your visit to North Rustico would definitely be a lifetime memorable experience!


Get Insights into Acadian Culture

Love exploring new cultures and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds? Another reason to visit PEI spotted! While in PEI, you’d get the opportunity to interact with Acadian culture – a French-speaking North American culture. Know about their interesting customs & traditions, listens to their folk tales, taste their authentic cuisine, and learn new perspectives!

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Enjoy a Road Getaway at Central Coastal Drive

Ask any local about the best road getaway, and you’ll get one answer: the Central Coastal Drive! Spanning over 253 kilometers, this coastal driveway is dotted with picture-perfect scenes, scenic landscapes, red cliffs, white sand dunes, white-sand beaches, sandstone cliffs, and farmland views. Though the complete trip requires multiple days, you can choose to explore it to the extent your time in PEI allows. Pack your bags, fasten your seat belt, volume up your favorite music, and get ready for a road getaways with so much to explore & enjoy!


Explore the Port-La-Joye - Fort Amherst

When exploring the lands of Acadians, a visit to the first Acadian settlements should definitely be on theme. For this, head to the Port-La-Joye - Fort Amherst, a national historic site that reserves the laurels of being the first Acadian settlement in PEI, and the first military fortification on the island.

Stroll through the Old Harbor Path and get your fix of Acadian settlement history. Hike up its extensive trail system and feel awestricken by the seascape and landscape vistas that come your way. Plan a picnic on the grounds of the old fort offering picturesque views of Charlottetown, and we bet you won’t regret it!

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Listen to the Story of Confederation at Province House

While in the city called “Cradle of Confederation”, it would be unjust to wind up your tour without hearing the story of confederation at Province House – a place where the Prince Edward Island Legislature meets. Walk in the footsteps of the ‘Fathers of Confederation’ here.

Take a self-guided tour through this masterpiece of neo-classical architecture. Pose for click beside the war monument that pays tribute to the heroes of the Great War. Update: the place is currently closed for renovation, be sure to check the latest updates before you visit.


Hike Up the Haunted Wood & Balsam Hollow Trail

Want to live more of Montgomery's fictional character Anne of Green Gables? Head to the Haunted Wood and Balsam Hallow trails amidst the mixed wood forest of balsam fir spruce, and birch. As you hike up these walking trails, you’d become more convinced of Montgomery’s choice to dream up Anne of Green Gables living in a place like this.

Follow the stream along the trail for panoramic views of forest beauty. Read the Montgomery quotes excerpts from the novel engraved on interpretive signs along the way. You’d definitely love the small wooden bridges and staircases that come your way along these trails. Slow your pace, and take time to absorb the magnificent beauty of these trails!

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Enjoy Craft Pours at Art Galleries

Got a flare for art? PEI has lots and lots of art galleries awaiting to appease your art enthusiasm. Experience stories coming live at the King’s Playhouse. Take in the elements and rhythm of art at the Karen Gallant Art Gallery in Rustico. Explore the Guild in Charlottetown a black box theatre and gallery space offering a wide range of professional Island talent performances.

Devour art pours at the Dunes Studio Gallery and Café, a unique oasis of fine art, authentic cuisine, shopping outlets, & refreshing gardens. Appreciate the PEI beauty as depicted by Susan Christensen in her distinctive style at Susan Christensen Art Gallery. Other places worth visiting include Artisans Waterfront, Greg Grand Studio Gallery, Birch Tree Gallery, and Souris by the Sea Treasures.

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The Bottom Line!

All in all, your PIE visit is destined to be filled with thrilling adventures and fulfilling nature experiences. Whether you are on a solo ‘me-time’ trip, on an adventure with your gang, on a romantic excursion with your loved one, or on a family trip – PEI has something for everyone. With its endless list of things-to-do and place-to-explore, you might grapple with where to start and what destinations to cover. Don’t worry at all! We have it all sorted out for you and your travel partners. Check out our meticulously designed tours with featured PEI experiences here, and choose the one that best suits your travel wish list! 

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