11 Best Travel Affiliate Programs for 2024

Ammara Younas2023-09-11

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Are you a dedicated globetrotter with a burning passion for travel? What if we told you that you could turn your love for exploring the world into a lucrative source of income? Welcome to the exciting world of travel affiliate programs for 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a journey through the top 10 travel affiliate programs of the leading travel sites, each offering unique opportunities to earn high commissions while sharing your enthusiasm for travel. Whether you're a seasoned travel blogger or just embarking on your digital adventure, these affiliate programs will help you transform your wanderlust into a revenue stream.

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What is a Travel Affiliate Program? 

Before we dive into the thrilling realm of travel affiliate programs, let's start by demystifying what exactly a travel affiliate program entails. In essence, a travel affiliate program is a collaborative partnership between you (the affiliate) and a travel-related company. Your role is to promote the affiliate products or services of this company on your blog or website, and in return, you earn a commission for every sale or referral generated through your unique affiliate link. It's a symbiotic relationship – you get to share your passion for travel, while the company gains new customers through your promotional efforts.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers 

If you're a travel blogger, you're in a prime position to leverage affiliate marketing to generate a passive income stream. Travel affiliate programs offer you the chance to monetize your blog by endorsing products or services that align seamlessly with your content. Regardless of whether you focus on budget travel, luxury escapades, or thrilling adventures, there's a travel affiliate program tailored to your niche. Let's embark on a voyage through some of the finest travel affiliate programs specially curated for bloggers in 2024.

1. Tripshepherd Affiliate Program

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With this program, you'll get: 

  • Access to Premium Content

Boost your earnings with Tripshepherds' exceptional content, meticulously designed to captivate your audience.

  • Hassle-Free Payouts

Enjoy peace of mind with monthly commissions deposited directly into your account.

  • Reliable Tracking

Track your sales effortlessly and earn credit for every referral, courtesy of our cutting-edge tracking platforms.

  • Rewarding Your Passion

The Tripshepherd affiliate partner program is your golden ticket to igniting your audience's wanderlust.

  • A Plethora of Attractions to Showcase

Our extensive inventory unlocks a world of possibilities tailored to each traveler's unique desires. Tripshepherd operates in over 20 cities across the USA and Canada, promising your audience an ever-expanding array of experiences guided by our seasoned tour experts.

Our small group tours, backed by the raving reviews of millions of travelers, are led by enthusiastic tour guides. With over 5,000 glowing reviews, we wholeheartedly share our passion for our offerings. Join our ranks and become a cherished member of our team to unlock the gateway to earnings through our affiliate program!

Spread the wanderlust among your audience and channel traffic to our website. Reap the rewards—start earning commissions for the traffic you steer our way by sharing your unique trackable link.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let's unravel some of the common queries you may have about travel affiliate programs:

Is this program open to everyone?

Absolutely! Anyone, including existing Tripshepherd customers, is welcome to apply and become a Tripshepherd affiliate. Once approved, you'll gain access to a Tripshepherd dashboard, providing entry to our vibrant marketplace. It's worth noting that while affiliates can access the marketplace, having a listing there requires being a customer. Nevertheless, you'll have the privilege of exploring the marketplace and joining any program that piques your interest.

How will my referrals be tracked?

Tracking your referrals is effortless through the unique affiliate link provided within your Tripshepherd dashboard. This link enables you to monitor clicks and trace your referrals' journey through the Tripshepherd sales cycle until they either close or are lost.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

No, there are no limitations. Feel free to refer as many enthusiastic travelers as you can!

How do I get paid?

To receive your well-deserved commissions, you'll need to set up your PayPal or Stripe account via your Tripshepherddashboard. Once your registered deal closes, you'll receive immediate payment.

What Tripshepherd Affiliate Program Offers:

- Earn a generous 12% commission on every successful booking.

- Gain access to a diverse array of high-quality tours and experiences across the USA and Canada.

- Enjoy dedicated support to assist you on your affiliate journey.

- Utilize a user-friendly tracking and reporting system for seamless management.

- Collaborate on promotional strategies to maximize your earnings.

- Benefit from a generous cookie duration of 30 days.

Now, let's embark on a virtual tour of more remarkable affiliate programs promoting travel, each offering unique opportunities to explore the world while earning commissions.

2. Affiliate Program

Unlock new streams of revenue and offer your audience unparalleled access to the world's finest museums and attractions through the Tiqets Affiliate Program. Join over 3,800 partners, ranging from travel bloggers to ticket agents, who are already reaping the rewards of partnering with Tiqets.

With Tiqets, your customers will enjoy seamless access to over 4,100 museums and attractions worldwide, thanks to their 100% mobile, real-time ticket availability. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Tiqets' direct partnerships ensure instant booking confirmation and last-minute availability for your audience. With content available in up to 14 languages and a variety of payment options, you can cater to a global audience with ease.

But the benefits don't stop there. Drive more revenue with Tiqets' marketing expertise and merchandising capabilities. Their targeted upsells, including VR experiences, exclusive exhibitions, and audio guides will increase your margin per customer and enhance their overall experience.

Plus, with Tiqets' expert support, you'll have access to personalized insights into your customer base and Tiqets’ specialized in-depth reviewing system. Their 24/7 multilingual customer service ensures that you and your customers receive the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

With Tiqets' Affiliate Program, you'll gain access to a vast network of cultural experiences, ensuring that your audience can explore the world's wonders with ease. From ancient landmarks to modern marvels, Tiqets offers a seamless booking experience that will delight travelers and culture enthusiasts alike. 

Join thousands of partners who have experienced exponential growth and success with the Tiqets Affiliate Program. From seamless integration to timely support, Tiqets is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Ready to offer your customers more ways to explore culture? Join the Tiqets Affiliate Program today and unlock the door to new opportunities for your business!

3. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program 

Discover a World of Reviews and Bookings! 

If you're captivated by the world of reviews and bookings, TripAdvisor's affiliate program is your perfect match. Renowned as an online review platform, TripAdvisor also serves as a booking platform or portal for hotels and activities. As an affiliate, you can earn a remarkable 50% commission on the revenue TripAdvisor generates from hotel bookings. Even more enticing, there's no need for users to make a booking for you to earn a commission. 

You'll pocket money every time a user redirected from your site clicks out to any of TripAdvisor's partners (other booking platforms). With conversion rates exceeding 30%, this program can be one of the most lucrative options in the travel niche, provided you can drive sufficient traffic. The cookie duration is two weeks, offering ample time for potential conversions. If you're enthusiastic about accommodation and have an audience eager to explore the world, TripAdvisor's affiliate program is your passport to enticing earnings.

4. Expedia Affiliate Program

Unlock a World of Travel Possibilities! 

Expedia, one of the travel industry's giants, opens doors to more than 140,000 properties globally, along with discounted flights, vacation deals, boat trips, and car rentals. With over 500 travel partnerships, Expedia allows travelers to save up to $500 on hotels by booking a flight, car, or package. As an affiliate, you can join the Expedia Partner Solutions program, which offers access to a treasure trove of travel products and the opportunity to earn commissions on completed bookings. 

The commission structure varies depending on the product, but it can be highly competitive. Generally, the commission earned is 2% to 6%. The cookie duration is a standard 7 days. To assist you in your affiliate journey, Expedia provides access to a suite of marketing tools and dedicated support. With Expedia's reputable brand and extensive offerings, this affiliate program is an alluring choice for those who aim to convert their love for travel into affiliate income.

5. Affiliate Program 

Embark on a Journey of Earnings!, a global leader in accommodations, offers travelers a vast selection of hotels, apartments, villas, and more. The Affiliate Partner Program allows you to tap into this expansive inventory and earn commissions by driving bookings through your affiliate links. The program provides access to 30 million listings in more than 227 countries and territories. 

Commissions are typically 4% on all bookings. The cookie window operates on a session basis, meaning you'll earn a commission when someone clicks your referral link and converts instantly. also offers a wide range of promotional materials, including search boxes, banners, and deep linking to help you optimize your affiliate marketing efforts. With its global reach and broad accommodation options, this travel website's affiliate program is a compelling choice for travel enthusiasts looking to monetize their passion and enhance their travel experience.

6. Amazon Associates 

Explore a Universe of Affiliate Opportunities! 

While not exclusively a travel affiliate program, Amazon Associates opens doors to a vast array of travel-related products and accessories. As a travel blogger or content creator, you can harness the power of Amazon's extensive product catalog to recommend travel gear, books, gadgets, and more. With a commission structure that varies based on the product category, you can earn anywhere from 1% to 4% or even more on qualifying purchases made through your affiliate links. 

The cookie duration is 24 hours, meaning you'll earn a commission on any products added to a customer's cart within that time frame. What sets Amazon Associates apart from other referral programs is its versatility – you can seamlessly integrate travel-related recommendations into your existing content. Whether it's travel guides, luggage, electronics, or travel-themed gifts, Amazon Associates offers a world of possibilities for affiliate marketers in the travel niche.

7. Skyscanner Affiliate Program 

Navigate the Skies of Affiliate Earnings! 

Skyscanner, a popular flight comparison website, boasts a robust affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by directing users to their platform. With Skyscanner's vast database of flight options, travelers can compare prices and find the best deals on airfare. The affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure, rewarding you for both flight bookings and car hire referrals. 

Commissions can range from a fixed fee to a percentage (as high as 20%) of the booking value, depending on the user's location and the type of referral. The cookie duration is 30 days, providing ample time for users to finalize their travel plans. Skyscanner also provides a range of customizable widgets and search boxes that you can integrate into your travel-focused content. If you cater to an audience of jet-setters and frequent flyers, the Skyscanner affiliate program is a valuable addition to your monetization strategy.

8. Viator Affiliate Program 

Embark on Adventures, Earn Generously!

Viator, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, specializes in offering travelers a vast array of tours, activities, and experiences. Their affiliate program allows you to promote and earn commissions on these exciting adventures. With access to over 395,000 attractions worldwide, Viator offers an impressive selection for travelers seeking memorable experiences. You can expect to earn an 8% generous commission with each booking!

The cookie duration is a substantial 30 days, ensuring you have ample time to earn commissions on bookings made by your referred customers. Viator has more than one million reviews in its catalog to help you effectively market their offerings. Make sure to market the tours with a high number of reviews. If your travel-focused content revolves around experiential adventures and unique activities, the Viator affiliate program can be a lucrative addition to your affiliate portfolio!

9. Affiliate Program

Find Your Path to Affiliate Success!, known for its extensive selection of hotels and accommodations, offers an affiliate program that empowers you to earn commissions through hotel bookings. With access to over one million properties in 200 countries, provides travelers with a wide range of options for their stays. The commission structure typically ranges from 4% to 6% of the booking value, depending on the type of accommodation and the number of bookings you drive. 

The cookie duration is 7 days, offering a reasonable window for potential conversions. equips you with a variety of marketing materials, including banners, text links, and customizable widgets, to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. If your audience consists of travelers seeking diverse lodging options, the affiliate program is a valuable addition to your affiliate strategy.

10. Agoda Affiliate Program 

Discover Affiliate Opportunities in Accommodations!

Agoda, a prominent online travel agency, specializes in offering globetrotters a vast selection of accommodations and travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Their affiliate program enables you to earn commissions by promoting their extensive range of lodging options. Commissions typically range from 4% to 7% of the booking value, depending on the type of accommodation and the number of bookings you generate. 

The cookie duration is 30 days so you can capitalize on user engagement with ease. Agoda provides access to various promotional materials, including hotel power ads and text links, to support your affiliate marketing efforts. If your niche revolves around accommodations and lodging choices, the Agoda affiliate program offers a compelling opportunity to monetize your travel-focused content and earn passive income.

11. World Nomads Affiliate Program 

Insure Your Way to Affiliate Success! 

World Nomads, a renowned travel insurance provider, offers an affiliate program tailored for travel enthusiasts. This program allows you to promote travel insurance plans and earn commissions on policy sales. With World Nomads, travelers can access comprehensive travel insurance coverage designed to provide peace of mind during their adventures. 

Commissions are typically 10% per qualified sale of the policy premium. The cookie duration is 60 days, offering a generous window for potential conversions. World Nomads equips you with a range of marketing materials, including banners and text links, to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. If your audience prioritizes travel safety and protection, the World Nomads affiliate program is a valuable addition to your affiliate portfolio.


As a dedicated traveler and content creator, you hold the key to turning your wanderlust into wealth through these top 10 travel affiliate programs for 2024. Each program offers a unique opportunity to monetize your passion for travel, from hotel bookings and flights to tours and travel insurance. Whether you're a seasoned travel blogger or just starting on your affiliate journey, there's a program tailored to your niche and audience. Start your affiliate adventure today and embark on a profitable voyage while sharing the joy of travel with your audience. Join hands with these reputable travel companies and unlock the door to a world of earnings. The world is waiting, and your journey to affiliate success begins now!