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Explore the beautiful, Victorian-style home of Green Gables Heritage Place, famous for being the inspiration for Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel, Anne of Green Gables.

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8619 Cavendish Road, PE C0A 1N0

Nestled in the heart of Prince Edward Island lies a picturesque gem that has captured the hearts of many, including the beloved author Lucy Maud Montgomery. The Green Gables Farm, once owned by Montgomery's relatives, served as a source of inspiration for her legendary novel series, Anne of Green Gables. The farm's enchanting surroundings, which include the "Haunted Woods," "Lovers' Lane," and "Balsam Hollow," were integral to the creation of Montgomery's whimsical world.

Step inside the charming farmhouse, and you'll be transported to a bygone era. The interiors are adorned in the elegant style of the Victorian Period, paying homage to the Island's rich heritage. Each room is named after a character from the iconic novel, adding a touch of magic to the already enchanting atmosphere.

But that's not all that Green Gables Heritage Place has to offer. Visitors can also explore the lush 19th-century gardens, meander along the walking trails, and browse the gift shop for souvenirs to take home. And when hunger strikes, stop by The Butter Churn Café for a bite to eat. So if you're a fan of Anne of Green Gables or simply looking for a tranquil escape, be sure to add Green Gables Heritage Place to your list of must-visit destinations.

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What to Know 

Green Gables holds the prestigious recognition of a Federal Historic Building, bestowed upon it by the Canadian government. This iconic landmark is located on the L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish National Historic Site of Canada, which in turn is situated within the breathtaking expanse of the Prince Edward Island National Park.

How to Get There 

Nestled within the sprawling expanse of Prince Edward Island National Park, Green Gables Heritage Place beckons visitors from far and wide. This idyllic site, boasting sandy beaches and rolling farmland, lies just a short 40-kilometer drive from Charlottetown, making it an easily accessible destination for all. The best way to reach this scenic destination is by booking a PEI Tour which will save you the hassle of navigation! You'll also get to sample tantalizing eats at Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, gaze at the rugged red Cavendish Cliffs, and do so much more!

Best Time to Visit 

With opening hours from May to October, travelers can revel in the magic of Green Gables during the peak season, with July and August being the most popular months to explore this enchanting historic site. The grounds and trails including the Haunted Wood Trail and the Balsam Hollow Trail are however open year-round, so you can come and bathe in the richness of the lush greenery whenever you want!


Walk in the footsteps of Canada's beloved Anne Shirley sporting her iconic straw hat, fiery red braids, and trusty pinafore. Step into her world and relive her youthful adventures and misadventures within the storied walls of Green Gables — her charming home. Here, the pages of the classic 1908 novel come to life, seamlessly blending with the real-life experiences of author L. M. Montgomery, who found inspiration in the farmstead's idyllic surroundings and red woodland paths.


Green Gables Heritage Place brings to life one of Canada's most treasured literary works – Anne of Green Gables, immersing visitors in the magic of the romantic red-headed Anne Shirley. Take a leisurely walk through the verdant grounds, embark on a tour of the iconic Green Gables house and visitor center, or lose yourself in the beauty of the surrounding trails – the Haunted Wood Trail and the Balsam Hollow Trail. Whatever your fancy, a visit to this enchanting destination promises to transport you to a world of whimsy and wonder – exactly as Anne saw it!


The roots of Green Gables reach back to the 1830s, when the MacNeil family, Montgomery's relatives, and the original owners of the homestead, erected the now-iconic building. As Montgomery's novels gained popularity in the following decades, so too did the interest in Green Gables. Eventually, the government of Canada purchased the property in 1936, intending to showcase 19th-century farming life on Prince Edward Island. However, as time marched on, plans were put in motion to restore the home to its former glory as depicted in Montgomery's timeless novels. Today, Green Gables and the National Historic Site stand as a tribute to Montgomery's legacy, a beloved museum that immerses visitors in the world of this remarkable author and her unforgettable characters.