The Seattle Great Wheel

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Gaze at Seattle's beauty from The Seattle Great Wheel, an iconic waterfront attraction along Puget Sound.

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1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101, USA


The Seattle Great Wheel is a 175-foot massive Ferris wheel that adorns the city’s skyline and provides breathtaking panoramic views, leaving visitors spellbound. Step into one of its gondolas and allow the gentle rotation of the wheel to reveal the splendors of Seattle in a manner you have never experienced. As you go on this aerial adventure, you will experience the sights of awe-inspiring landscape, stunning waters of Puget Sound, and more, making the Seattle Great Wheel a must-see destination for all.


The Seattle Great Wheel, a remarkable feature of Seattle’s lively waterfront, was constructed at Piers 57. It proudly stands at 175 feet with 42 enclosed and comfortable gondolas. Back in 1989, entrepreneur Hall Griffith purchased Pier 57 from the city of Seattle where he came up with the idea of introducing a small Ferris wheel to enthrall visitors. The Great Wheel finally opened on 29 June 2012, offering a great view of the city. 

What to Know?

The Seattle Great Wheel is an unparalleled attraction, providing delight and comfortable rides while offering breathtaking views of the city and its vibrant surroundings. Located at Piers 57, it serves as a focal point for nearby attractions and is easily accessible. Situated close to Waterfront Park and the renowned Seattle Aquarium, it adds to the allure of the waterfront region, making it a captivating destination for those exploring the area. The Great Wheel is a family-friendly destination that also hosts an array of events and activities.

Explore the Seattle Great Wheel

Best time to Visit:

The prime time to visit The Seattle Great Wheel is the Summer, as it offers pleasant weather, scenic views, and beautiful sunsets. However, it tends to be the most crowded during this season. For those seeking a more tranquil experience, opt for Spring and Fall, when the weather is comfortable and the crowd is thinner. Winter is less popular because of the wetter and colder climate.

Daytime visits offer clear and captivating views of the city in full daylight, while sunset is also an excellent time to enjoy the stunning views of the sun setting over the water. Evening or nighttime visits offer a romantic and illuminated atmosphere.

How to Get There?

Getting to the Seattle Great Wheel is easy once you are in the area. If you are driving, use map apps to head to Piers 57 for parking. Furry travelers can reach the destination by walking from Seattle’s Colman Dock, which is close to the ferry terminal. Public transport is also a convenient choice; you can take a bus from a nearby stop to reach the attraction. If you are arriving in Seattle via the Sound Transit Light Rail, simply step off at Westlake Station and walk to your destination. If you are already in downtown Seattle and in the mood for a leisurely walk, you can walk to the attraction.


Following are the highlights of the Seattle Great Wheel:

The Seattle Great Wheel is the city’s prominent attraction that provides stunning views of Seattle’s landscape.

Visitors can enjoy exciting rides with family and friends in the VIP climate-controlled gondolas.

In the evening, the wheel dazzles with LED lightning, mesmerizing viewers with an ever-changing array of colorful displays.


 The following are the features of the Seattle Great Wheel:

The Seattle Great Wheel provides 42 heated and air-conditioned gondolas to make the experience comfortable and exclusive.

Each gondola can accommodate up to 8 people. The VIP one features a glass floor and 4 luxurious seats.

Generally, the ride is between 10 to 20 minutes long, providing you with an ultimate city viewing experience in a way you have never seen before.

The Ferris Wheel Bar is right next to the Great Wheel and that is a cool feature, allowing you to enjoy refreshments while admiring the views.

The Great Wheel’s central location makes it an ideal starting point to check Seattle’s other attractions, its waterfront areas, and restaurants.

The Seattle Great Wheel hosts multiple events and activities throughout the year, including holiday-themed rides and seasonal activities. Check the calendar for ongoing activities that can enhance your experience. 

The Seattle Great Wheel is designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities, ensuring ease of access for all. 

In short, explore the allure and charm of the attraction while enjoying captivating city views. Hurry up! Book your visit. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture stunning views and moments for lasting memories.