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650 Cape Enrage Rd, Harvey Parish NB E4H 4Z4

Cape Enrage is a headland that extends 7.5 kilometers out into the uppermost Bay of Fundy, a marine wonder of the world. The cape is a harsh coastal terrain of high rocky cliffs constantly pounded by the sea, offering one of the most spectacular views of Canada’s Capes. There’s a lot you can do here – from as thrilling activities as ziplining & rappelling to as tranquil activities as soaking in the marvelous views of nearby marshland, woodland, and coastal areas. Here’s everything you should know about Cape Enrage!

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How Cape Enrage Got its Name?

The toponymy of Cape Enrage remains contested, as different narratives exist on how the place got its name. According to a popular narrative, the Cape Enrage got its name from its reef that extends southwards into Chignecto Bay, causing water to become extremely violent. As the tides rise as high as 53 vertical feet over a 12-hour period, the natural phenomenon becomes a feast for the eyes when viewed from its towering cliffs. The water moves ferociously at half-tide when the reef is partially exposed – thus giving the Cape its name ‘Enrage’.

Another narrative states the name to be derived from the bay-funneled winds striking the cape with full force. These winds become fiercer as the dominant south-westerly summer winds track up the Bay. From this, the Cape is said to derive the ‘Enrage’ part of its name.


Nature Notes for Cape Enrage

Along with the spectacular view of the water pounding its rocky cliffs & high winds welcoming the tourists, there are numerous hidden gems of nature to be explored and cherished. The rock formation along the cape enchants the story of centuries it took to form its successive layers of sedimentary rocks. Interestingly, their successive formation dates back to approximately 320 million years. Take a closer look at these layers, and the fossils of tropical flora & fauna embedded in these layers would seem to be telling their stories of the bygone times.

After you’re done examining the sediment layers & fossils, cast your gaze over the Bay of Fundy to catch glimpses of porpoises & other sea wildlife in its natural habitat. As you take an aerial view, you’ll see various birds swirling in the Cape Enrage Bird Observatory (located along the Cape Enrage Road) in the distance, including Eider ducks, Blue herons, sandpipers, loons, mergansers, and songbirds.

The Cape Enrage Lighthouse

The iconic lighthouse of the Cape Enrage buries secrets of nearly two centuries in its chest. Started in 1838 and completed in 1840, the Cape Enrage Lighthouse was the 8th lighthouse to be constructed in New Brunswick. However, this Lighthouse was the first square lighthouse to be constructed in New Brunswick, all of the preceding lighthouses being octagonal in design. For centuries, this lighthouse has served as a light station and fog alarm for residents of & travelers to New Brunswick. Since the 1980s, the lighthouse has remained unmanned & automated. Later, the lighthouse turned into a tourist destination as a small group of high school students took up the task to renovate the building in 1993.

Over time, the lighthouse changed many hands, and finally became a property of the Enrage Adventures and Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre. Today, the lighthouse remains a major tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists, both local & international annually. The light at the lighthouse is still operational and pours out light to warn or guide ships at sea. The foghorn is also still operational and serves as a fog alarm even today. In fact, the foghorn may serve as a piece of background music if you choose to visit the Cape on a foggy day!

The Cape Enrage Fossils Beach

As you take your eyes off the fossils & sedimentary layers, you’ll catch an uninterrupted view of the more than 7 kilometers long Cape Enrage Fossils Beach. The beach spans from the sandy shores of Barn Marsh Beach, across the Cape Enrage Lighthouse, to Brae Beach, an ancient Acadian dyke. You can take a leisurely walk through this tidal beach and allow yourself to be lost in the spellbinding beauty of the beach and the view of the Bay of Fundy meeting the sky in the distance. As you stroll through its rough terrain, you’ll likely come across fossils in the rock shale. Try resisting the urge to collect these fossils from the beach as it is illegal to remove fossils from the beach under the New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act.

Also, don’t forget to check the tide tables before treading too far, and make sure you’re off the beach at least two hours before high tide.

Experience the Thrill!

After you’re done with your walk through Fossils Beach & soaking up the mesmerizing beauty of the Cape, you may choose to be adventurous & experience Cape Enrage’s ziplining, rappelling, obstacle course, ziplining-rappelling combo, and high school challenge. Ziplining along the Cape Enrage will allow experience the thrill of a lifetime with a magnificent view of the world-famous Bay of Fundy. Alternatively, you can choose rappelling to experience an exhilarating descent on the cliff overlooking the Bay of Fundy's giant tides and spectacular currents. You can fuel up the thrill by taking a zipline-rappel combo at an economical price.

The thrill can be multiplied if you’re visiting the Cape Enrage with family & friends. Service providers at Cape Enrage provide exclusive adventures for groups, including Obstacle Course, High School Challenge, and Initiative Games. The Obstacle Course can help build your team spirit and confidence as it requires everyone in the team to do their best. The High School Challenge can further add to this team spirit & confidence by allowing the participants to experience extreme adventure in a controlled, professional and safe environment. The program includes titillating activities such as kayaking, rappelling, climbing, wilderness camping, initiative games, and outdoor cooking – all designed to reinforce the team-building concepts among the participants. Apart from this, several other Adventure Initiative Games are available to stir your competitive spirit.

Putting it all together, a day at Cape Enrage can be packed with activities destined to raise your adrenaline levels. The spectacular views along the Cape & its Fossils Beach are a bonus. Plan your trip to Cape Engrave today to unwind, and let yourself loose amid the abounding natural beauty of nearby marshland, woodland, and coastal areas!

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