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Best Of City Tours

Small group attraction-based driving or walking tour. This tour typically includes the most iconic attractions in a city done in four to five hours.


Night Tours

Small group attraction based driving or walking night tour. This tour takes places in the evening or at night at typically lasts three to four hours.


Food Walking Tours

Small group city walking tour with a variety of food stops. Typically done at lunch or dinner times.

Tripshepherds Can Earn The Following

Driving Tour Guides Can Earn The Following Based On Passenger Count:

1 or 2 Passengers = $30 / hour
3 Passengers = $35 / hour
4 Passengers = $40 / hour
5 Passengers = $45 / hour
6 Passengers = $50 / hour
7 Passengers = $55 / hour
8 Passengers = $60 / hour
9 Passengers = $65 / hour

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Driving Shepherd
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