Mount Tolmie
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Mount Tolmie provides an amazing panoramic view of the Greater Victoria and surrounding area.

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1900 Mayfair Dr, Victoria, British Columbia V8P 1P9 Canada

Discover the stunning Mount Tolmie on your next visit to Victoria, named after Dr. William Fraser Tolmie, a renowned surgeon, and biologist. The 120m summit offers a picturesque hiking experience and breathtaking views of the surrounding area, including Mount Douglas, the Olympic Mountains, and the San Juan Islands.

Climb to the top and experience the best panoramic views of Greater Victoria from Mount Tolmie's viewpoints. Don't miss out on the chance to see Race Rocks and Lighthouse, as well as Mount Baker in the Cascade Range of Washington State, all while taking in the beauty of the area's natural landscape.

What to Know

Mount Tolmie is a popular destination in Victoria named after William Fraser Tolmie, a Scottish physician, fur merchant, and politician who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. After being transferred to Fort Victoria in 1859, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island at a later time. Visitors can explore the natural history of the region and enjoy the stunning views from the summit. Mount Tolmie Park, a municipal park, makes up most of the mountain, while there are several private properties on the south side.

The neighborhood encircling the base of Mount Tolmie is mainly residential and is hemmed by McKenzie Avenue, Cedar Hill Cross Road, Lansdowne Campus, McRae Avenue, Camosun College, and the Henderson neighborhood of Oak Bay Municipality. The area offers a peaceful and charming atmosphere with its beautiful homes and quiet streets. Visitors can take a stroll through the neighborhood or enjoy a picnic at the park while taking in the scenic surroundings. Mount Tolmie and its neighboring community are perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a tranquil environment.

How to Get There

The scenic Mount Tolmie is located near the University of Victoria, on Mayfair Drive. A quick 20-minute bus ride from the downtown area will take you to the base of the mountain. This hotspot is easily accessible by car as well! To reach the mountain range from downtown Victoria, follow Fort Street eastbound and turn left onto Richmond Avenue by Royal Jubilee Hospital. Continue northbound on Richmond Avenue and turn right onto Mayfair Drive. Drive up the hill to reach Mount Tolmie's parking lots near the top. But the best and hassle-free way to get there is to book a Victoria Tour that offers pick-up and drop-off services and a ride to other top attractions of the city such as A, and B!

Best Time to Visit

Mount Tolmie is a must-see attraction for nature enthusiasts and hikers visiting Victoria. With it being open year-round, 24/7, visitors can choose the perfect time to visit that best suits their preferences and interests!


Mount Tolmie Park is home to B.C.'s only native oak species, the Garry Oak, which is located at the extreme northern edge of its North American range on Vancouver Island. The park's dry and rocky bluffs provide the ideal habitat for this species, and the Garry Oak ecosystem within the park is one of the most well-preserved in Saanich. Visitors to the park can also discover the unique broadleaf evergreen tree known as the arbutus, which has smooth chartreuse bark that peels away and turns red in the fall. Explore the natural areas of Mount Tolmie Park and discover the beauty of these distinctive trees that thrive in this unique ecosystem.


Make the most of your visit to Victoria by exploring Mt Tolmie, an easily accessible cliff with a 360-degree view of Victoria and its skyscape! Whether you prefer a challenging hike from the bottom or a leisurely drive to one of the parking lots near the top, Mount Tolmie has hiking trails that cater to all levels of fitness. Once you've reached the summit, soak in the stunning views of downtown Victoria and the Saanich area, and don't forget to explore the historic concrete slab that was used as a defense system during WWII.

Stroll down the trek that leads downhill and loops through the park if you're looking for a short trail. Along the way, you'll encounter scenic picnic areas with cozy picnic tables laid out where you can relax and take in the loveliness of the surrounding landscape. As you make your way back up the mountain on the other side, you'll pass the first of the three parking lots near the top. Before you leave, be sure to take one last glimpse at the sweeping views from Mount Tolmie and snap some photos to remember this unforgettable experience! It's important to note that although the park is dog-friendly, dogs must be kept under control while hiking on Mount Tolmie, and their waste must be picked up and removed for the hygiene of the park.

Natural History

Mount Tolmie is a significant geological site as its summit and the adjacent rocks are mottled grey bedrock developed during the Jurassic period, dating back to roughly 200 million years. Visitors can glimpse the remnants of the last ice age that thawed nearly 12,000 years ago in the broken rock faces underneath the mountain. The glaciers that moved over the rocks formed shallow grooves. Both those grooves and the fine scratches called slickensides are still visible today. These features are evidence of the mountain's natural history, which has been shaped by geological forces and environmental changes over millions of years. Mount Tolmie is a valuable site for researchers and visitors alike who are interested in the natural history of the region.