Visiting Montreal In December

Aleena Mehmood2023-12-06

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Montreal, Quebec, in December, is a canvas of winter wonders waiting to be explored. Despite the cold, the city comes alive with a magical atmosphere, featuring iconic landmarks, festive events, and culinary delights. Let's dive into why visiting Montreal in December is a perfect choice for a winter escape.


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Is December a Good Time to Visit Montreal?

Absolutely! December turns Montreal into a winter wonderland. The city is adorned with festive lights, and a flurry of activities awaits. From winter festivals to scenic landscapes covered in snow, Montreal in December offers a unique and enchanting experience.

Reasons to Visit Montreal in December

1. Jean Talon Market Adventures

Start your Montreal journey with a visit to Jean-Talon Market. Despite the cold, this lively market is bustling with vendors offering fresh produce, local treats, and unique finds. Embrace the winter charm as you explore the market's vibrant stalls.

2. Ice Skating in the Quartier des Spectacles

Lace up your skates and glide through the Quartier des Spectacles. This cultural hub transforms into a picturesque ice skating rink. Whether you're a novice or a pro, ice skating here is a quintessential Montreal winter experience.

3. Mount Royal Park's Winter Wonderland

Mount Royal Park is not just a summer retreat. In December, it becomes a snowy paradise. Enjoy cross-country skiing or simply take a leisurely walk through snow-covered trails. The Mount Royal lookout offers breathtaking views of the city draped in winter white.

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4. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Escape the cold by immersing yourself in the artistic warmth of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Explore world-class exhibitions and discover the cultural richness that Montreal has to offer.

5. Fête des Neiges de Montréal

Embrace the winter festival spirit at Fête des Neiges de Montréal. This family-friendly event features outdoor activities, live music, and delicious treats. From dog sledding to tubing, it's a celebration of all things winter.

Montreal December Weather

Montreal experiences cold temperatures in December, with an average high of -1°C (30°F) and lows dropping to -8°C (18°F). Layer up and be prepared for a winter wonderland.


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Things to Do in Montreal in December

1. December Festivals and Events

Montreal doesn't hibernate in winter; it celebrates it. Check out the various festivals and events happening in December, from music festivals to art exhibitions. The city's cultural scene is vibrant even in the cold.

2. Atwater Market

Indulge your taste buds at Atwater Market. Known for its local produce and specialty foods, it's a great place to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or indulge in some smoked meat sandwiches.

3. La Grande Roue and Old Montreal

Take a ride on La Grande Roue, Canada's tallest Ferris wheel, for panoramic views of the city. Explore the historic charm of Old Montreal with its cobblestone streets and classic architecture.

4. Bota Bota Spa

For the ultimate winter relaxation, visit Bota Bota Spa. This floating spa on the St. Lawrence River offers a unique and rejuvenating experience. Soak in outdoor hot tubs while enjoying a view of the snow-covered landscape.

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December Festivals and Events

1. Coldest Music Festival

Montreal is known for its music scene, and in December, it hosts the Coldest Music Festival. Bundle up and enjoy live performances from local and international artists in unique winter settings.

2. Winter Wonderland Weekends in January and February

Extend your December visit to experience the Winter Wonderland that continues into January and February. Montreal's parks and squares transform into snowy wonderlands with activities for all ages.

Food Tours

1. Montreal Food Walking Tour

Embark on a culinary adventure with the Montreal Food Walking Tour. Explore the city's diverse gastronomic scene, trying everything from local favorites to international delights.


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What are the top attractions to visit in Montreal?

Explore Montreal's top attractions, including the Biodome Olympic Park, Mount Royal, Notre-Dame Basilica, St. Lawrence River Cruise - AML Croisières, La Grande Roue, Old Montreal, and Montreal City Hall. Discover the city's rich history, stunning architecture, and natural beauty.

What is the Best of Montreal Tour, and what does it include?

Our Best of Montreal Tour is a 5-hour adventure that takes you through the city's cultural highlights. Visit iconic landmarks, historic neighborhoods, and cultural hubs with an experienced guide. Book now and immerse yourself in the essence of Montreal.

Where can I experience the bustling nightlife of Montreal?

For an unforgettable night out, join our Scenic Montreal Night Tour. Witness the city come alive after dark, and discover its vibrant nightlife scenes, including popular bars and entertainment spots.

Are there any food tours in Montreal that I can join?

Absolutely! Embark on a mouthwatering journey with our Montreal Food Walking Tour, as well as the Best of Montreal Dessert Walking Tour and Best of Montreal Food Walking Tour. Savor the city's diverse culinary delights as you walk through its charming streets, trying various delicious dishes along the way.

I have a limited timeframe. What is the best way to see Montreal in just a few hours?

Our Private Tour of Montreal is the ideal choice for those with limited time. This exclusive 4.5-hour tour covers top attractions like Mont Royal Lookout, Notre Dame Basilica, and more, tailored to your preferences.

Can I explore multiple cities in one tour package?

Yes, we offer exciting multi-day tours that cover not only Montreal but also other prominent Canadian cities. Choose from various itineraries to suit your preferences and embark on an unforgettable multi-city Canadian adventure.

How do I book a tour with Tripshepherd?

Booking your dream tour is simple. Visit Tripshepherd website and explore the wide range of tours available in Montreal and other cities. Select your preferred tour, date, and group size, then complete the booking process with just a few clicks.

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