Things To Do In Montreal on the Weekend

Aleena Mehmood2024-03-22

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Dreaming of a weekend getaway packed with vibrant culture, historic charm, and buzzing nightlife? Then pack your bags and set your sights on Montreal, the largest city in Quebec and a captivating kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and flavors. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie fanatic, or an outdoor adventurer, Montreal has something special waiting for you around every cobblestone corner. So, let Tripshepherd be your guide on this whirlwind exploration of Montreal's must-dos for an unforgettable weekend escape!

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Is a 2-Day Montreal Adventure Enough?

Montreal's magic is undeniable, but cramming everything into just 48 hours might leave you wanting more. However, a well-planned itinerary can ensure you experience the city's top highlights. Tripshepherd offers a variety of tours, including our popular "Best of Montreal Tour," designed to show you the crown jewels in just 6 hours. But if you have a thirst for deeper exploration, consider extending your stay – Montreal unveils its hidden treasures to those who linger a little longer.

Unleashing Your Inner Explorer: Outdoor Activities in Montreal

Montreal's not all about bustling streets and historic buildings. The city boasts a surprising amount of green space, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Scale the slopes of Mount Royal (French: Mont-Royal) for panoramic vistas, or lose yourself in the serene trails of Mount Royal Park. Feeling adventurous? Rent a bike and explore the Lachine Canal, a historic waterway transformed into a scenic path. And for a truly unique experience, take a kayaking tour on the St. Lawrence River, where you might even spot some playful harbor seals!

Free Fun for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Even if you're on a tight budget, Montreal offers a wealth of free activities to fill your weekend. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant street art scene by exploring the murals and installations that line the streets of the Plateau and Mile End neighborhoods. Take a leisurely stroll along the cobbled streets of Old Montreal, soaking in the European ambiance and admiring the historic architecture. For a touch of local flavor, head down to Tamsui Park on a Sunday afternoon and witness the energetic Tai Chi sessions practiced by Montreal residents.

Montreal After Dark: Live Music and Electrifying Nightlife

As the sun sets, Montreal's nightlife scene ignites. Catch a live jazz performance at a cozy bar in the Quartier Latin, or dance the night away at one of the many clubs pulsing with energy in Saint-Laurent. For a unique experience, head to Rue Wellington, a strip known for its eclectic mix of Irish pubs, happening cocktail bars, and hidden speakeasies. No matter your musical taste, Montreal's nightlife has something to keep you entertained until the wee hours.

Sweet Tooth? Montreal's Dessert Delights

Montreal's culinary scene is a paradise for foodies, and it doesn't stop at savory dishes. The city boasts a thriving dessert scene, sure to tantalize your taste buds. Indulge in a decadent slice of cake at a charming cafe in Little Italy, or treat yourself to a scoop of artisanal gelato in Mile End. Want to explore further? Join our all-new "Best of Montreal Dessert Walking Tour" and discover hidden pastry shops and chocolatiers, all while learning about the city's rich culinary heritage.

Sugar Shack Season: A Taste of Quebec Tradition

If you're visiting Montreal in the late winter or early spring, a unique experience awaits: Sugar Shack season! Venture out to the outskirts of the city and immerse yourself in this traditional Quebec custom. These rustic cabins offer delicious all-you-can-eat meals featuring maple syrup in all its glory, from fluffy pancakes to savory ham. Don't forget to try the iconic "tire d'érable," a taffy-like candy made from boiled maple syrup – a true taste of Quebec!

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Dive Deeper: Unveiling Montreal's Rich History

Montreal's history stretches back centuries, and the city wears its past proudly on its sleeve. Explore the cobblestone streets and grand architecture of Old Montreal, a historic district that feels like stepping back in time. Step inside the awe-inspiring Notre-Dame Basilica, a masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture, or delve into the city's rich maritime history at the Montreal Science Centre. Want a guided exploration? Book our exclusive "Private Tour of Montreal" and let our passionate experts show you the hidden gems and historical highlights.

The Mile End: A Bohemian Paradise

The Mile End neighborhood is a haven for creative souls and foodies alike. Stroll down Rue Wellington and discover independent art galleries, quirky boutiques, and trendy cafes. Indulge in a plate of Montreal-style bagels with schmear (cream cheese) or grab a steaming cup of coffee roasted to perfection by a local micro-roaster. For dinner, delve into the world of international cuisine, with options ranging from authentic Ethiopian stews to delicious Vietnamese pho.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal: A Feast for the Senses

Just north of downtown, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is a feast for the senses. Wander the labyrinthine streets and admire the colorful murals that adorn countless buildings. Stop by a local record store and lose yourself in a treasure trove of vinyl, or browse unique clothing finds at a vintage shop. In the evening, catch an independent film at a historic cinema or savor a delicious meal at a trendy bistro.

Little Italy: A Slice of Europe

For a taste of Europe, head to Little Italy. Cobblestone streets, charming cafes, and family-run restaurants offering authentic Italian fare transport you straight to a bustling Italian piazza. Grab a cappuccino and a fresh cornetto (Italian croissant) for breakfast, or treat yourself to a plate of homemade pasta in the evening. Don't forget to explore the Jean-Talon Market, a bustling marketplace overflowing with fresh produce, local cheeses, and an intoxicating array of spices.

Saint-Laurent: Edgy and Electrifying

Saint-Laurent offers a vibrant mix of trendy boutiques, art galleries, and happening nightlife. Browse designer clothing stores or discover one-of-a-kind pieces at a local artist's studio. In the evening, catch a live music performance at a hidden bar or dance the night away at a pulsating nightclub. Saint-Laurent is a neighborhood that thrives on self-expression and creativity, making it a must-visit for those seeking an edgy and electrifying experience.

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Weekend Getaways from Montreal

If you have extra time after your Montreal exploration, consider venturing out for a nature escape. The Laurentian Mountains, located just a short drive away, offer stunning scenery, charming villages, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Hike or bike through picturesque trails, go kayaking on a crystal-clear lake, or simply relax and soak up the fresh mountain air. For a truly unique experience, visit Mont Tremblant, a world-renowned ski resort that transforms into a haven for outdoor enthusiasts during the summer months.

Let Tripshepherd curate an unforgettable Montreal experience for you! Our passionate local guides will craft the perfect itinerary based on your interests, whether you're a history buff yearning to explore Old Montreal, a foodie craving the city's diverse culinary scene, or an adventurer seeking thrills in the Laurentian Mountains.

Montreal: A City That Stays With You

Let Tripshepherd curate an unforgettable Montreal experience for you! Our passionate local guides will craft the perfect itinerary based on your interests, whether you're a history buff yearning to explore Old Montreal, a foodie craving the city's diverse culinary scene, or an adventurer seeking thrills in the Laurentian Mountains. 

Montreal is more than just a tourist destination; it's a city that weaves its magic into your heart. From the warmth of its people to the vibrant energy that pulsates through its streets, Montreal offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return. So, pack your bags, book your tour from our Montreal Tours, and get ready to discover the captivating city of Montreal!