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Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth largest by population in the United States. Historically, Philadelphia is notable for its role in the American Revolution and as the location for the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by the Founding Fathers.

Explore the City of Brotherly Love by taking in some of Philadelphia’s best sites and attractions - Go back in time and visit important American history landmarks including; Liberty Bell , a symbol of American Independence. See where the Declaration of Independence was approved at Independence Hall and look at a statue of the country’s first ever president at the Washington Monument Fountain . - Run (or walk) up the infamous Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art . - Take in the incredible views of the city on the observation deck at Philadelphia City Hall . - Wind down after a busy day and take in the picturesque waterfront with a Delaware Harbor Cruise .


What are the top attractions covered in the Best of Philadelphia Tour? 

Discover iconic architecture, immerse yourself in rich American history, and relive famous movie scenes on our Best of Philadelphia Tour. This tour includes visits to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Washington Monument Fountain, the Philadelphia Museum of Art's "Rocky Steps," and more.


What can I expect on the Scenic Philadelphia Night Tour? 

Experience the city in a whole new light on our Scenic Night Tour! Enjoy a captivating evening as you explore Philadelphia's illuminated landmarks and stunning night views. Don't miss this enchanting experience!


Are there any tours that offer views of the Delaware River? 

Absolutely! Our Delaware Harbor Cruise allows you to relax and enjoy picturesque waterfront views while cruising along the Delaware River. It's a perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing. 


How do I book a tour with Tripshepherd? 

Booking a tour with Tripshepherd is easy! Simply visit our website and explore the various tour options available in Philadelphia. Once you've chosen your preferred tour, select the date, and number of participants, and proceed to secure your spot. 


Can you recommend some must-visit landmarks in Philadelphia? 

Certainly! Don't miss out on the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Washington Monument Fountain—essential American history landmarks. Additionally, make sure to run up the famous "Rocky Steps" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and take in stunning city views from the observation deck at Philadelphia City Hall.


Are there multi-day tours available in Philadelphia? 

At the moment, we primarily offer day tours in Philadelphia. However, our day tours cover a wide range of attractions, ensuring you get the most out of your visit. Explore all the available day tours and choose the ones that interest you the most.